Modus Naturalis

"The natural way" in Latin (the language of botanical nomenclature)

Our philosophy

At Modus Naturalis, our goal is to provide premium landscaping services that exceed expectations. We aim to minimise negative environmental impacts while maximising results in the garden. 

We apply the principles of integrated pest management, avoiding the unnecessary use of synthetic chemical herbicides, fungicides and pesticides and encouraging natural pest controls through sound gardening practices and organic methods.  

We reduce CO2 emissions and noise pollution from power equipment by using electric tools wherever possible.  

We embrace the philosophy of "reduce, re-use, recycle" in all aspects of our work. Green waste is used for compost via the council refuse station programme or in our home composting system, plastic plant pots are re-used or recycled, and natural, biodegradable products are given preference.

Wellington is fortunate enough to be surrounded by large areas of forest and scrub land with a burgeoning native wildlife population. Where possible,  we like to contribute to this in our planting schemes by creating urban habitats that provide food and shelter for birds, insects and lizards. 

About the owner - Phil Ward

I have enjoyed being in the garden from a young age (that's me aged about four). After graduating university and spending a long stint as a chef both here and in the UK, I have followed my passion for gardening.  I am qualified as an amenity horticulturalist to NZQA level four and have been working full-time in the landscaping industry for over ten years. Modus Naturalis puts into practice my landscaping ideals; conservation, organic methods, natural forms and a style inspired by the New Zealand landscape.

Why Us?

  • Premium service

  • Qualified and experienced
  • Honest, reliable and efficient
  • Environmentally conscious
  • Organic practices
  • Quiet, clean, electric power tools
  • Competitive rates